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Our Classes

Come join us for any of our wonderful beading classes.  You can call us (201) 444-5144 and reserve your spot.  There is no deposit required at the time of sign-up. Class size is limited to 8 students.  Additionally, we are available to arrange private lessons, just call and we can accommodate a busy schedule or a specific project.  We look forward to beading with you!!!

You can view upcoming classes on our calendar page.

Two In One

2 in 1 Beautiful Jewelry

What is it… a necklace or a bracelet? Students will use crystals, semi-precious and unique metal spacers to create this 2 in 1 creation. Wear it wrapped several times around your wrist or as a long necklace with clasp and charms in front. It will transform your jewelry collection.

Cost: $35.00 plus beads and materials.

Beaded Bead

Beaded Bead

Come in and make these one-of-a-kind beads!! They’re beautiful and sparkly and super easy. It’s a great project for all bead levels. The beads can be used for any project, bracelets, necklaces and earrings… It’s your choice.

Cost $35.00 plus materials

Beading Basics

This class is a must for the beginning beader. Learn about all the tools and materials needed to create your own wearable art. Construct basic earrings with headpins and beads and learn how to finish all of your projects with ease. Some attention will also be given to color, texture, shape, and balance. These techniques will spring you forth into the bead world with the confidence you need to create your own designs.

Cost: $55.00 includes instruction and beads.

 button peyote

Button Peyote Bracelet

This class is great introduction to peyote stitch, you’ll find it so easy you won’t stop at one bracelet. Students will use beautiful Japanese cube seed beads that fit together perfectly to create a flat peyote stitch. Students will also attach a vintage crystal button to create a unique clasp to this simple bracelet.

Cost: $35.00 plus beads and materials.

Chain Bracelet

Chain Bracelet

Chain jewelry is everywhere this spring and we were inspired to create this industrial but sophisticated bracelet. Students will recreate their own version using different sized chains and interesting metal beads.

Cost: $50.00 includes instruction and beads.

Chandelier Earings

Chandelier Earrings

Are you obsessed with your chandelier earrings? Well here’s another great inspiring pair to make. These stunners are made up of wire wrapped crystals and chain. Such a fab design you won’t ever want to take them off. You’ll practice rolling your headpins and learn a creative wire wrapping technique.

Cost: $35.00 plus beads and materials.

Drop Earings

Drop Earrings

Students learn to wire wrap briolettes and dangle crystals using headpins to make these simple and elegant earrings.

Cost: $35.00 plus beads and materials.

Floating Crystal Necklace

Floating Crystal Necklace

In this class you’ll make a beautiful two-strand necklace using crimps and colored soft-flex beading cord. We’ll tease the eye and make the metal bead caps and Swarovski crystals appear to be floating. It’s a simple and elegant necklace that you’ll want to wear on every occasion.Floating Crystal Necklace

Cost: $35.00 plus beads and materials.

Wrapped Up In Metal

Get Wrapped Up with Metal

Are you ready to enter the world of wire, well than you’re ready for this class! Here we’ll teach you to wire wrap beads and connect them together using jump rings, metal chain and interesting metal findings.

Cost: $35.00 plus beads and materials.

Make And Take Bracelet

Make and Take Bracelet

In this quickie lesson you’ll make a simple bracelet using crystals and metal beads. Students will learn to crimp their bracelets and how to roll a headpin and dangle a bead from their clasp. It’s a fun and creative introduction to finishing simple projects!

Cost: 45.00 includes instruction and beads.

Make And Take Bracelet

Make & Take Earrings

You’ll never believe how easy it is to make that fabulous pair of earrings you see in the department store. Join us for this fun and fulfilling class as you learn the ease of earring making and create 3 pairs of earrings to take home and wear! Students will use chain, wire, semi-precious beads, crystals and more to explore the endless possibilities of earrings. From simple to elaborate we’ll cover it all.

Cost: 45.00 includes instruction and all beads.

Multi-Strand Necklace

Multi-Strand Mania

Tired of that simple single strand necklace? When one just isn’t enough, learn the techniques of multi-stranding. Cones, special clasps, wiring techniques, and measuring appropriate lengths will help you to take your necklaces to new heights. This a great class to use a lot of your miscellaneous beads! So come one, come all and bring your special beads with you!

Cost: 55.00 plus beads and materials.

Twisted Rope Bracelet

Twisted Rope Bracelet

Come make this great and easy woven bracelet. Using seed beads and crystals we’ll weave them into a pattern and watch the bracelet twist on its own! You’ll be amazed at its simplicity and elegance!

Cost: 35.00 plus beads and materials.

Wire Flower Necklace

Wire Flower Necklace

Inspired by the daisies, tulips and sunflowers popping up everywhere this spring we recreated flowers using beads. Students will learn wire wrapping techniques to make their own flowers and then attach them together to make a beautiful spring time necklace.

Cost: 45.00 plus beads and materials.

Bead It Frame It

Bead It! Frame It!

In this class students frame any rivoli! or bead! using a variety of different colors and sizes of seed beads. Students learn to adapt traditional Peyote to build a circular belt around the bead.

Cost $35.00 plus materials

Free Form Peyote

Free Form Peyote

We love the peyote stitch!! Learn to let yourself go with this project, in order to create this “NO RULES” style. It’s done when YOU say it’s done!! You’ll love to see how your colors and different seed beads create a beautiful and original woven fabric creation.

Cost $35.00 plus materials

Embroidered Ring/Pendant

In this class students learn to weave an embroidery stitch around a cabochon or bead. This is a way to make something great into something greater!! The result is a special focal piece for any project.

Cost $35.00 plus materials

 wrap bracelet

Wrap Bracelet

These bracelets are the “IT” accessories right now!! They are super easy to make and can be made with beads, ball chain or rhinestone chain.

Cost $35.00 plus materials


Whether you want to learn the traditional stitch or try a more alternative look, this is a beading must!!! Students learn how to weave the herringbone stitch using seed
beads of different colors and sizes.

Cost $45.00 plus materials

 radiant rivoli

Radiant Rivoli

Students learn to bead around a sparkling rivoli. You’ll be dazzled into making a rivoli bracelet, necklace, earrings and a ring!!

Cost: $45.00 + plus materials

 python bracelet

Python Bracelet

Which to choose… stringing project? Or weaving project? Well now you don’t have to decide because this bracelet combines the two styles of beading to produce a slinky animalistic bracelet!!!

Cost $35.00 plus materials

 netted bangle

Netted Bangle

This is a simple stitch for all levels of beaders. This bracelet can be completed in a couple of hours and you’ll be excited to make more. Cost $35.00 plus materials

 loop du jour

Loop Du Jour

In this class students build lovely beaded wreath-like components. What do you do with these? Anything…. Earrings, necklace, pendant!! It’s your choice, but in our example we strung up our loops into a necklace.

Cost $35.00 plus materials

 herringbone bead caps

Herrinbone Bead Caps

The options are limitless with herringbone stitch. These caps are just another way to admire this timeless stitch.

$65.00 includes materials

 gliding glimmer

Gliding Glimmer & All That Shimmers

This sliding bracelet component is made up using right angle weave and then embellished with crystals to give the top a budding floret look.

Cost $35.00 plus materials

 diamon zipper

Diamond Zipper

Students learn how to make this bracelet through a series of different steps. You’ll love it and want to zip through your first, second and third bracelet!!

Cost $65.00 includes all beads

 bead tube

Funky Bead Tubes

This project was inspired by ethnic and colorful jewelry!! We love how the different textures and colors of each beaded tube produce such a festive bracelet!! Beaded tubes are built by using our favorite stitch…. PEYOTE!!

Cost $35.00 plus materials

 dreamy earring

Dreamy Earings

These striking earrings are constructed using the brick stitch. This is inexhaustible technique is sure to get one’s creativity flowing!!

Cost $35.00 plus materials

 brenna's funky bead stitch

Brenna’s Funky Bead Stitch

This delightful class is especially cheerful for 2 reasons: 1. Stitch is a breeze, great for all levels of beaders!! The construction is simple and doesn’t require too many beads or too much time!! 2. Brenna is a charming instructor!!

Cost $35.00 plus materials

 bling ring

Bling Ring

Students learn to weave sparkly crystals around a sparkly rivoli to produce an intensely sparkly ring!! These make a great gift for yourself or your friends!!!

Cost $35.00 plus materials

 bauble jewelry

Bauble Jewelry

In this class students will practice working with headpins, wires, chains and different tools to make charmed jewelry. It’s up to the student to decide the project, bracelet, necklace, and earrings!!

Cost $35.00 plus materials

 crystal flower necklace

Crystal Flower Bracelet

This bracelet is favorite of the *BSB* beading brigade because the flowers make it feminine, the crystals make it dazzle, and the colors make a statement!! The finished product is extremely rewarding and a great addition to your jewelry collection.

Cost $45.00 plus materials

 circular peyote

Circular Peyote

This class adapts the peyote stitch to build a flat circular shape. Students sew the pieces together to produce an interesting focal piece for a necklace.

Cost $65.00 includes all beads

 chakra necklace

Chakra Necklace

Come in and get the positive energy!! Students participate in a discussion about the different chakras and emotional impact of colors. You will feel the positive focus feed into your necklace and walk out transformed!!!

Cost $85.00 includes all materials

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